Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Finally Blogging!

Hi Everyone!

Here I am, finally starting a blog. Many people know me as Jewelrygal in Jewerly Lessons. I will be building this site as a look into my personal journey as I discover and make new jewelry designs. So please return as I am writing every day.


  1. Hello Lisa!

    Welcome to world of blogging :o))
    Looking forward to read something and see your wonderful work. ;o))

  2. So what happened with finally blogging, lol.
    Just bought one of your tutorials, looks great!

  3. Hi Lisa!

    What part of Atlanta are you located and where do you teach classes?
    Thanks- Teresa

  4. Hi Lisa,

    Noticed many of your pictures on the yahoo metal clay group. LOVE your focus on stones. As a amatuer lapidary and metal clay instructor myself...i was just wondering if you also cut your own cabs or if you by ready made? I do both personally, but am very interested in finding like minded metal clay enthusiasts who also are rockhounds to share notes and tips and etc with.

  5. Hi Lisa,
    I always look for new pieces of yours on Jewerly Lessons, I think you have amazing talent. I only just started with PMC, I took my first class a couple of months ago and realy enjoyed it. Because I cut my own stones I wanted to learn how to use PMC so I could use my freeform stones with PMC. look forward to seeing more of your work.

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